5 Mar 2021 | Products

Alison had always loved renovating furniture and scoured the US and Europe to find pieces and inspiration. But the products and tools to achieve these finishes were eluding her, so she started to research an Australian range that would fit the brief.

Artisan Natural Chalk Finish is a beautiful, natural chalk finish furniture paint that forms the foundation of the Artisan range. It goes on smoothly, distresses easily, and finishes with flair. Artisan Natural Chalk Finish transforms old furniture, frames, bowls, jars and just about anything into enviable works of upcycled art.

It needs no priming and dries quickly to a smooth velvety finish that can be left chalky, sealed with wax or used as a base for your unique effects and finishes. Available in three sizes and dozens of colours, this is the best start to your project. Head over to our colour gallery to see the colours in action. We have mood boards to give you a feel for each shade and lovely images of painted pieces so you can get a real feel of what you need.