2 Jul 2021 | Colours

Winter Grey is one of our Chalk Finish colours and is the perfect colour for these cold days. This shade is at the same time blue, green and grey. It is beautifully cool and chameleon like depending on its partners.

Highly modern when paired with creams and whites, it takes on the green in greens and the blue in blues to create a highlight.

It comes in three sizes so whether you’re embarking on a small project or a big one, we have the one to suit.

Did you know that you can view all of our colours together or by colour collection? Each colour is represented by a stunning mood board to give you a real feel for the shade, along with images of items painted in each colour and the pots themselves.

Because of its chameleon qualities, Winter Grey can be found in our NeutralBlue AND Green Collections. Have a look at them all.